Quick Basic Knowledge

The Truth



Kings of Ras Tafari


1. God is real.

2. Religion is a concept which hold's the fabric of man's society.

3. God could help you, he is'nt just alone who could though.

4. God is the governor of Earth and of heaven at this period of time.

5. God is capable of opening the gates of hell.

6. Heaven and hell are dimensions.

7. There are vast numbers of dimensions as is there universe's, galaxies and solar systems.

8. God is'nt the most powerful.

9. Lucifer is'nt angel.

10.The Koran say's Lucifer is of Djinn origin, the bible says what about Djinn?

11. Angels, Djinn and men have different souls.

12. Angels made from light.

13. Djinn made from smokeless flames {fire}.

14. Men made from mud. {water and dirt}

15. God makes men, angels, and Djinn.

16. There are vast numbers of creatures among the different dimensions, galaxies and solar systems {with different abilities technologies and powers}.

17. What most people don't understand when the bible says god made man from mud is this is science. The electron, neutron, proton, and nucleus molecular compositions are what form the basis of biological mechanisms.

18.The reason blood is red is the element of Iron is what makes the coloring.

19. Mass, whether solid, gas, or liquid is composed of elements.

20. Understanding how elements work is now upper knowledge. {Now called chemistry}

21. This knowledge once known as Alchemy. {although the difference of practice is relevant}.

22. The religion which relates most with the 'REAL FACTS' is PAGANISM.

23. The Egyptians, and the Druids were the last practicing Pagans.

24. I am Pagan.

25. The human brain has different sections one being called the 'REPTILIAN BRAIN'.

26. Reptilians, Monkeys and other forms evolved and left Earth previous of Atlantis.

27. Humans are multi dimensional although restricted, human life numbers around 10 thousand years among the dimensions of heaven and hell.

28. The pineal gland is what's known as the 'THIRD EYE'.

29. The Sphinx of Egypt is the third eye of the planet Earth. Constructed with sacred geometry. {The very centre of all Earth's land mass}.

30. The Atlantian's educated the Egyptians with the art of 'KHEM' which translated means 'MAGIC' coupled with the arabic word of 'AL' 'the' gives us alchemy, 'the magic'.

31. Atlas was the first king of Atlantis.

32. The Atlantic ocean is named after Atlas.

33. Thoth is credited as the inventor of writing.

34. Credited with other forms of human Thoth has appeared as Hermes who is shown as Greek, and this just shows how color is just local relevant whilst establishing doctrine.

35. Thoth's original color is black as is God's.

36. Thoth is and was one of the kings of Atlantis.

37. Men evolved with 3 million years, DINOSAURS EVOLVED with 400 million years.

If your serious about the history of some of the races of this planet you should consider the technology man has learnt with just these previous 100 years.

Thoth's representation as man with with baboon's face show's probable links with the race of monkey's who taught him the arts. Are you wondering how those of supposed religious righteousness have'nt mentioned or explained this?

Blabbering fools, Spurting somebody's conceived control mechanism of average society. These faiths or religions were designed about restricting information which will give those of talent, and real fact finding ability governance and freedom above the greedy, cruel, stupid, impatient, and at the upper levels of human society level par with the other species of creatures controlling the numbers of humans.

Don't except the first explanation from those who claim divine scripture knowledge.