Quick Basic Knowledge

The Truth



Kings of Ras Tafari


Love, me, and that.

Quarks were heated, homosexual performed gay
status objective, collective, subjective, which develops nay?
Man hasn't grasped, did you hand clasped?

Pedagogue the catalogue, you know I knew you'd do that
agree, pedagogy, epiphanies new knowledge inspired encouraged brat?
Where were you then?
Whilst the environment was developing Zen
Oh! You name those states of relative calm
and wonder who fought and made them disarm
Valence? I love you, I loved you, and now you love me
How is it this could be?


[The brat travelled with the non-abelian anion
and now he's known the cavalier Dartagnion]

The essence revered the magnetisms make
realizing karma named the fake
righteousness you ask? Wow the task who wears the fabulous mask?
acknowledge these signatures travel as thee should practice thy merry bask
How shouldn't, you couldn't, you did, is?
As neutron nudged photon and kissed the atom biz
Did the frequency send the photon or the photon the frequency?
Wo, wo, wo, white came from black different category
And so, the colours bloomed, and yes, they presumed
when neither gossiped how they loomed
meretricious let go of the ions, apophthegm conversation previous of sex
with such heat darling what do you do with who expects?
Is your metabolism on the quick side? {And thoughts collide}
Is the adult still blaming becotide?
Machu Picchu out of your league?
Where were you from? {Destinies junction} Is that your intrigue?

The reason the gold **** channels neutron's?
As the pagan smirk's among the religions
Eiye, preach, and, oh, eiye, preach
the teacher is yet learnt and doths't he teach?
The quarks, the quarks, the quarks!
Warm, cold? How bold?
Now you know is the doctor old?

{Safari! Safari!}

The ion generation shall enlarge the blood cell
conspiring malaria's journey enters! Then neutrons detract? [Don't tell]
So the scent of Myrrh subdues lactic acid?
Sports practice and now placid
Frankincense you like the smell?
The alchemist learns and the Bovis bell
Jesus himself the practice talent accomplisher
resonating the charm from the omni-essence of his super channelled character.

{His eminence rivalled among the deeds of flowers who blossomed witnessing Buddha}

Yea human! The helix doth spawn
now and then they were born
how, and oh how could thou climb from the lotus?
Ra the magnificent sent from the glimmering sun's quotas
Yea learn, yee burn, immaculate concern
yee smile, the Roman mile, thou'st doth radiate
the silent bellow echoes truth of yee amongst the congregate

Photosynthesis, blazing the pedigree nevus.